Genreal report for all activities for the last months

New Renato Community Society progress report submitted to Friends of NRCS.


New Renato community society and management staff would like to thank you committee for your cooperation and good partnership which is between you and us so that together we can less the problems orphans and vulnerable children, women, youths, people living with HIV/AIDS and the aged are facing in our rural area of kashitu.


This progress Report is based on all activity we have implemented as an organisation between June and October 2012.and the following are some of the activities.


Currently Renato community school has 323 pupils and 11 teachers from the government the school has reached grade 9 which is an average basic education for most Zambian. Starting from next week Monday two grades will be taking their Exams that’s grade 7 and 9.


  • Lack of enough classroom to cater for all children make pupils learn under the trees

  • Lack of enough teachers houses make some of the teachers coming from kapiri mposhi everyday

  • Lack of other learning and teaching materials.


The school is the only Nursery promoting early childhood education in the whole community and it has 60 children. Classes are divided into two, there is a baby class and has 28 children while the middle class has 32 children.

Last week we had two meetings one with the school committee and other with the parents of the children we talked about the improvement of school in the area.

  • No proper or permanent toilets

  • No Teachers houses

  • No allowances for Teachers they are just teaching on voluntary basis only.

  • No toys for children to use during playing time.

  • No school feeding program which is currently used to promote good attendance in other schools in town

  • No enough teaching material for teachers

  • Less furniture’s to cater for all children

  • The school lack first Aid box


We had meeting held at Renato community school on community awareness on the Right to education for every child and improving the school standard. The meeting was attended by parents’ civic leader and teachers. This meeting was held on 08-10-2012.

After this meeting parents accepted to contribute 25% of labor towards building anything concerning education programs. So far they are helping in burning bricks which will be used to build other teachers houses

Another meeting on sensitization on the rights and responsibilities of children was held on 19-10-2012 at the same school which had the topic building the future to day. The meeting consisted of all teenagers’ pupils from the age of 12-16years and two teachers for guiding and counseling in schools, also some parents were called to attend this gathering. Issues like behavioral change and cultural Heritage where the subject of this meeting and positive results came out of that.


We have 30 children on the program whose mothers come every Monday at the centre for the following activities:

With this project children`s lives have saved from dying. Mothers are given basic education in child health and growth and education and provision of food supplements to all under five malnourished children such as mealie meal, sugar, milk, groundnut, high energy proteins (heps) beans, fish. This was given to improve the balance diets. We have 30 children per program and they should be there for three months after that they graduate from the program and other are enrolled. The program started in 2004 up 2011 April that’s when funding ended. Mosquito nets were given in order to prevent the children from malaria. 660 children have been reached with this program Lack of food supplement to keep on supporting under five malnourished children with kwashoka and Odema


  • Lack of transport to take the children to Hospital in case of serious cases and pregnant women because the hospitals are in town very far from us.

  • Lack of funders currently to keep on supporting this activity because the demand for is also very high.

  • Lack of volunteer doctors also to support the health of our rural children and people living with HIV and AIDS

  • Lack of outreach health in fracture structure


We managed to source for two hand pump boreholes for two villages this year CHITAKATA VILLAGE and KEBAMBA AREA where people had difficulty with safe drinking. The two villages formed committees comprising of 10 members per village. These are people who were trained in the good way and bad ways of using water, servicing, repair and borehole manantence, financial management and leadership skills. Please see details on the attached copy of the report which was sent to the funder

Next week they will be sinking these two boreholes in the two villages while shakupota village was servicing their borehole which was sanked for them last year.


During the Beekeeping training and water and sanitation 15 clients for Beekeeping where also trained and given information on HIV and AIDS while 20client who were also trained in water and sanitation where trained HIV and AIDS making the Total number of 35people also trained in AIDS TOTAL MANAGEMANT (ATOM). While the support group for people living AIDS and HIV meets every Friday of the week to have lesson.


Women and youths come for weekly gathering and basic Agriculture knowledge has being offered to them and other developmental education awareness. Most of them have already started preparing their fields for 2012 to 2013 season.


  • We lacking funding to support them with Agro-inputs to support them increase they food security at household level.

  • We are lacking other education material in general agriculture like field crop production and animal rearing.


Due to the currently climate change we started a pilot project for bee keeping this year.15 people where trained in this project for organisation. The trained people have been also empowered with bee keeping equipments to help them in Honey production such as HIVES, BEE SUITS, BUCKETS, and BRUSHS ANS SWAM BOXES.


The only challenge we faced is the number of people who want to be trained are many but we do not have specific funding for this project as well. However we have not faced many challenges because we just started this project.


Currently the youths are preparing their fields and a communal field where they want to plant beans for 2012 and 2013 season. The other activities they are doing is sport like football and netball. Also drama and dancing as always


Youths lack support also for Agriculture empowerment such as Agro –inputs like fertilizer in –puts and livelihoods skills


New Renato community have received the total number of 67 visitors up to date



Finally we would like to say that we are very grateful by establishing a relationship, partnership, and co-operation and for your tireless efforts in making different stratagems for fundraising towards projects of our organisation we must thank you whole heartily for sure you are real FRIENDS OF NRCS. It`s our prayers that our loving God will give direction, wisdom and good healthy to all committee members of friends of NRCS so that you will keeping on supporting the orphans and vulnerable children, women, youths, aged and people living with HIV and AIDS with other support.

Thank you stay blessed







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