Beneficial organization New Renato Community Society (NRCS) was founded in 1987 on demand of local people. Its main goal is to improve the quality of living in the countryside of Zambia, having on mind principally orphans and vulnerable children (majority of children in villages) who are going to create the future of this area someday. NRCS was founded thanks to the group of Kashitu village inhabitants lead by Bornface Mamfunda. Kashito lies around 100 km far from the city of Ndola. The society was registered at the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of  Zambia under the number 0RS/102/78/16. NRCS helps mainly in the Kashitu area and then also in the villages along the road connecting the cities of Ndola and Kapiry Mposhi (area of  some 34000 inhabitants). Activities and projects of the community are aimed at solve the bigges problems of the Zambian countryside.

The current situation of the area is presented in the official statistics of Bureau of Statistics of Zambia: population of Zambia – 13 millions, 80 % of the population live in the countryside, 3  % of village households have acces to electricity, 43 % of households have acces to drinkable water, 56 % of children under the age of 4 are growing up  deficiently (bad physical construction), 54 % of inhabitants have acces to a medical center, 65 % of  householdsin the country have income lower than the subsistence minimum, 75 % of people work in agriculture, average length of life is 48 years, 50 % of children in villages attend schools, c.20 % of inhabitants are HIV positive (non-official statistics NRCS present 50-70% HIV positive people, the official statistics are misrepresented by reluctance or impossibility to test oneself).